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Restart Released Today

Hey there, music lovers! If you’re looking for some fresh and exciting tunes to spice up your playlist, I have some great news for you. Trepanation Recordings, the UK-based label for extreme, experimental and progressive metal and dark sounds, has just released a remix album by Karhide.

‘Restart’ is the name of the album, and it features 16 tracks by Karhide, a solo project of Tim Waterfield who creates atmospheric and cinematic instrumental music. The album is a remix of tracks from his previous release ‘Abort’, which came out in 2021. But don’t expect to hear the same songs with some minor tweaks. These remixes are completely reimagined versions of the original tracks, with different styles, genres and moods. Ranging from ambient drone to industrial noise to post-rock to synth-pop. There’s something for everyone in this album, whether you’re into dark and heavy sounds or light and catchy melodies.

You can listen to it on various platforms like Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify or iTunes/Apple Music. And if you buy it from Bandcamp, you’ll get 8 bonus tracks that are not available elsewhere.