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At Night Released today

Hi everyone, I’m excited to share with you a new EP that I’ve been working on with Cities and Memory, a global sound project that remixes the world one sound at a time. The EP is called At Night, and… Read More »At Night Released today

Abort Released today

If you’re looking for some fresh and exciting instrumental rock music, you might want to check out Abort, the new album by Karhide, released on November 26 by Trepanation Recordings. Karhide is the solo project of Tim Waterfield, formerly of… Read More »Abort Released today

Love For The Goodsouls

Karhide’s Stable Orbit track on the Love For The Goodsouls compilation. This is a digital compilation for Norma, Chris and Mike Dench. Love For The Goodsouls by Various Artists / Bands

Circuit Jams Album

All of the tracks in the latest YouTube videos with the Circuit Tracks jams have been uploaded to Bandcamp and you can pay what you want for it. There are seven tracks and the only difference to the versions on… Read More »Circuit Jams Album

New Circuit Tracks Jam

Quick morning jam with the Novation Circuit Tracks and the NTS-1s. The NTS-1s were loaded with the Chord and Drone User Oscillator by Tim Shoebridge and the samples were all from the Isan Pond Skating sample pack. Chord: Isan Pond… Read More »New Circuit Tracks Jam

New Circuit Tracks

Just started with the Circuit Tracks and here’s my first short jam using the Tracks and two Korg NTS-1s. Makes for a great portable setup that runs off the battery in the tracks and a power bank for the NTS-1s.… Read More »New Circuit Tracks

Block Two Self

While I have been working on the new album I had some time to start using Ableton Live 11 with the Novation Launchpad Pro. Here’s something a little chilled I came up with. Block Two Self by Karhide

Happy New Year

Happy new year and let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020! 2020 has been a really good music year for me with the release of a bunch of new singles, EPs and finally the new Erasable Assignments album released in… Read More »Happy New Year

End of Year List 2020

This year has definitely been an odd one and I have gone from constantly travelling to staying in one place for most of the year. With my last trip to France was at the end of February and I have… Read More »End of Year List 2020