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New Circuit Tracks

Just started with the Circuit Tracks and here’s my first short jam using the Tracks and two Korg NTS-1s. Makes for a great portable setup that runs off the battery in the tracks and a power bank for the NTS-1s.

I want to try and set up some of the music I have been working on recently on the Tracks. In the tests so far recording midi from Ableton Live 11 and Reaper is not working well but FL Studio just works. If I get a chance I will post some videos of the process.

Here’s my second session with the Tracks during a quick lunch time jam with the Novation Circuit Tracks and the Korg Volca Sample with Pajen’s firmware installed. Recorded live to the Tascam dr-40x recorder.

One of the downsides is I forgot to save the project on the tracks so won’t be able to develop it more.