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Cairo Sounds out today!

Cairo Sounds

A new collaboration with Karhide and Cities and Memory is out today!

I am fascinated by the sounds of Cities, from the bustling streets and markets to the ambient noises and music. I wanted to use these sounds as a source of inspiration and create something that reflects my own interpretation and imagination of the city.

For the tracks for the EP, I wanted to go for a dark LoFi tape vibe and use lots of tape saturation, distortion, noise, and low-fidelity effects to create a gritty and atmospheric sound. I thought this style would suit the mood and vibe of the EP and contrast with the quality of the original recordings.

All samples were chopped, glitched, looped and stretched then the music was created around them with the Syntakt and Digitone from Elektron along with the Lounge Lizard from Applied Acoustics Systems. All the tracks were mixed in Ableton Live using plugins from Output, Sonible, Fabfilter, Baby Audio and Aberrant DSP.