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Abort Released today

If you’re looking for some fresh and exciting instrumental rock music, you might want to check out Abort, the new album by Karhide, released on November 26 by Trepanation Recordings. Karhide is the solo project of Tim Waterfield, formerly of post-rock band Ann Arbor. On Abort, he combines elements of math rock, post-rock, ambient and electronic music to create a dynamic and captivating sound.

The album consists of eight tracks that showcase Waterfield’s versatility and creativity as a composer and producer. From the energetic opener “Alarm and Abort” to the atmospheric closer “Restart, Karhide takes us on a sonic journey that is both exhilarating and emotional.

Abort is a stunning example of how instrumental rock music can be innovative and expressive without losing its edge or appeal. It’s an album that deserves your attention and admiration. You can stream or purchase it from Trepanation Recordings’ or Karhide’s Bandcamp page, where you can also find more information about Karhide and his other releases. Don’t miss this amazing album!