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Protest and Politics

Protest and Politics

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Thursday, August 10, 2017
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This is an album containing selected highlights of reimagined sounds of protest and political activism from the Protest and Politics project by Cities and Memory. 

Each track is constructed from a field recording of a protest in the city named in its title. 

To hear the original field recordings, and dozens more pieces from the project in full, please visit www.citiesandmemory.com/protest

  1. Sue Bowerman - Those Forgotten (Newcastle, UK) 07:31    
  2. Brexit Means Brexit (London, UK) 03:54    
  3. Mark Taylor - Alone in the Crowd (Paris, France) 05:11    
  4. Alex Hehir - F**k Your Austerity (Athens, Greece) 05:00    
  5. Stephanie Merchak - System Collapse (Reykjavik, Iceland) 05:10    
  6. Marco Maril - An omnipresent drone (Taipei City, Taiwan) 04:27    
  7. Karhide - First Order (Pereira, Colombia) 03:46    
  8. Jeff Dungfelder - The Silence Spoke (Istanbul, Turkey) 06:08    
  9. Unpaid Intern - Steintorplatz (Hamburg, Germany) 06:25    
  10. Alan Bleay - Barcelona Protest Beats (Barcelona, Spain) 04:08    
  11. Sewon Chung Barrera - The White Bay (Bahia Blanca, Argentina) 03:19    
  12. Richard Watts - Cântarea (Făgăraș, Romania) 04:32    
  13. Michael Trommer - A Peace for the Dog (Portland, USA) 10:47