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Oxford Guitar Orchestra: Live at AUDIOSCOPE16

Oxford Guitar Orchestra: Live at AUDIOSCOPE16

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Release Date:
Friday, February 17, 2017
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  1. Live at AUDIOSCOPE16

  2. Live at AUDIOSCOPE16 (Karhide hotel in Palaiseau remix)

All proceeds from sales of this release go directly to UK homelessness charity Shelter. 

The Oxford Guitar Orchestra perform "Guitar Trio, Part 2" as part of the Audioscope festival in Oxford, November 2016.


released February 17, 2017 

Performed by: 

- Michael Chilcott (Kancho, Idiot King) 
- Laurence Colbert (Ride) 
- Henry Dartnall (Young Knives) 
- Thomas Dartnall (Young Knives) 
- Stuart Fowkes (Listing Ships) 
- Jimmy Hetherington (Bad Blood Recovery, Suitable Case For Treatment) 
- Peter Lloyd (Kid Kin) 
- Ben Ulph (eeebleee, Thumb Quintet) 
- Tim Waterfield (Karhide) 

Recorded by Martin Newton: 

Mixed by Jimmy Hetherington. 

Artwork by Simon Minter.