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Flies Are Spies From Hell - Underdog Undone (Remixes)

Underdog Undone (Ambient Remixes)

Release Information:

Release Date:
Monday, February 19, 2018
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  1. An Imagined Murder (Cities and Memory Remix) 06:29    
  2. I Tried To Fail Better, But Failed (WiresDreamDisasters Remix)
  3. Killing Thought (DunJIN Remix)
  4. Amniosis (Neil Milton Remix) 06:30    
  5. Begin, Fail (Patrick Lemieux of Clavius Remix)
  6. Last Silence (Driven By Machines Remix)
  7. Underdog Soutenu (Karhide Remix)

Ambient reworkings of songs from 2015 studio album Underdog Underfoot by Flies Are Spies From Hell.

releases February 19, 2018 

Remix artists: 

  • Cities and Memory 
  • WiresDreamDisasters 
  • DunJIN 
  • Neil Milton 
  • Patrick Lemieux of Clavius 
  • Driven By Machines 
  • Karhide 

Mastering: George Mastrokostas of sound in silence 

Original artwork: Jez Sugars 
Re-imagined artwork, design and packaging: SmilingPaperGhosts