Acadia Album

Karhide records take a blowtorch to the heavyweight guitars of Jesu and Pelican and fuse them to crushing beats and drifting electronica that increasingly take their cue from the most out-there explorations of Four Tet as much as the devastating beatwork of Squarepusher. What’s even more remarkable is that every instrument on the record is played by Tim (who only brings in the best drummers he can find to attempt to match his devilish programming) – and that he can pull this stuff off live too, with the precision of Slint and the chest-quaking volume of Jesu.

Acadia album by Karhide was recorded over several years in multipled countries.

The bass heavy metallic churn of opener 'Dirigo' wouldn't sound out of place on Pelicans debut EP, while 'Ride' melds soft, shimmering guitars, lush synth textures and skittering electronics to stunning effect - Rock Sound

Acadia is an enormous record in both ambition and sound - One Beat


Mixed and Mastered at the Moot Group Nottingham by Johnny Carter, Tim Waterfield and Paul Yeadon

Drums by Scott Briggs

releases March 15, 2010