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Sacred Spaces launches today 

Cities and Memory Sacred Spaces


A new Karhide remix is up on the Cities and Memories site to as part of the Sacred Spaces project.

The sounds in the project include some of the world’s most iconic sacred spaces, including Notre-Dame de Paris, Seville Cathedral, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Milan’s Duomo and Wat Pho in Bangkok.
Recordings of English churches in remote locations was provided through a partnership with the Churches Conservation Trust, who provided Cities and Memory with exclusive access to their properties, including church organs and bells. 
The project features: 

  • Churches from all over the UK;
  • Temples: sounds from China, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and more;
  • Prayers: from mass and remembrance services to prayer wheels and Quranic recitations;
  • Bells: how bells ring out, from Mandalay to Mexico City;
  • Organs: church organs, from the humble to the mighty in sound and scale;
  • Calls to prayer from Jerusalem, New Delhi, Tirana, Dhaka and more;
  • Songs: icaro songs, Hare Krishna processions, vespers and choirs;
  • Cathedrals: the sounds of cavernous spiritual constructions;
  • Sacred ambiences: Mausoleums, funeral homes and other sacred space

To hear all of the remixes you can check them out here: http://citiesandmemory.com/sacredspaces/

To go straight to the Karhide track you can go here: https://audioboom.com/posts/5549567-trente-et-un-brixton